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ThriveOn Art Opportunities

The ThriveOn Collaboration, a historic partnership between the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Royal Capital, invites you to submit to this Call for Art related to its restoration and redevelopment of the historic Gimbels-Schuster's building at 2153 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This development, known as ThriveOn King, will become the new home of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the community engagement programs of the Medical College of Wisconsin. The first floor of the building will be an innovative community hub offering gathering space, a stage and a cafe. Anchor tenants include Malaika Early Learning Center, JobsWork MKE, Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin, and others. More general project information can be found on the ThriveOn website.
The ThriveOn Collaboration is seeking to incorporate art that will infuse a sense of discovery into its spaces and will reflect the rich history, inclusive community, and thriving future of the surrounding Bronzeville area. The scope of this Call for Art includes art opportunities for the First Floor Community Space and Exterior Parking Structure; see Art Opportunity Details for more information. (Note: Future Calls may seek ideas for multi-disciplinary programming for ThriveOn King but those opportunities are not included in this Call for Art.)
ThriveOn Collaboration How We Connect

Vision + Core Principles

The ThriveOn Collaboration held three community engagement sessions in the fall of 2022 to focus on the art for the First Floor Community Space and Exterior Parking Structure. Participants envisioned art that will reflect the vibrancy of the neighborhood, respect the cultural history of Bronzeville, and celebrate the future of the community.

Community members also expressed how they want to feel when they enter the first floor community space:

  • Welcomed
  • Inspired
  • Included
  • Representation of all in the community
  • Sense of pride
  • Relaxed
  • Comfortable
  • Valued
  • Energized

A summary of the feedback gained from the community engagement sessions is available for review. Please refer to this summary (PDF) for content themes the community expressed interest in when creating your art concept.  See Submission Requirements.

Art Opportunity Details

There are three distinct types of art opportunities in this Call for Art.

Note: Artists/artist teams are eligible to submit for more than one type of art opportunity.

View Full Art Location Information (PDF)


First Floor Window Display Cases + Community Space Walls

The perimeter of the building’s first floor is lined with window display cases visible from N. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Garfield Avenue. ThriveOn is seeking multimedia artwork to display in these cases, as well as throughout the community space. Existing artwork, as well as artwork created specifically for this Call, will be considered.

Please see the Art Location Plan (PDF) for further details and visuals.

Media that will be considered for TYPE A | 2D + 3D

  • Wall-mounted sculpture (ceramic, wood, metal, glass; see ADA guidelines) or free-standing sculpture
  • Oil or acrylic on canvas
  • Art on paper (watercolor, acrylic, pastel, ink, pen, etc.)
  • Photography
  • Textile media
  • Mural, wall graphics, or digital art
  • Video
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Archival media

Note: Art purchased for the window cases will be on display for a period of 24-36 months. At the conclusion of this cycle, art may be sold, with the proceeds supporting ThriveOn community programming. Eventually, these cases will host rotating works/exhibitions.

5 Seating

9 Tiered Seating


Exterior Parking Structure Panels

The exterior of the multi-level parking structure will be outfitted with custom-printed panels to display a large-scale mural. The ThriveOn Collaboration is seeking artists/artist teams to design this exterior artwork. Design is required to be digitized to meet fabrication requirements; a template will be provided to artists who submit with interest in this opportunity.

Please see the Art Location Plan (PDF) for further details and visuals.

ThriveOn Parking_View 1_No Murals


Collaborative Commissions with Senior Brand Designer

These opportunities, including a donor wall, will be commissioned efforts in collaboration with the project’s Senior Brand Designer. Providing art direction, the Senior Brand Designer will partner with selected artists to design and fabricate these permanently featured works.

Please see the Art Location Plan (PDF) for further details and visuals.

3 Seating

General Information


For information about this Call for Art, contact:

This email is for questions/information only; see Submission Requirements for details on the submission process.

If you have questions concerning specific art opportunities/locations, please submit those questions to the email address above. For questions regarding the TYPE C Collaborative Commissions, please add ATTN: Senior Brand Designer to the subject line. All questions will be addressed during Call for Art Q+A Sessions.


This opportunity is open to artists 18 and older** who are based in the Greater Milwaukee area or those with significant ties to Milwaukee. The ThriveOn Collaboration is especially interested in artists who demonstrate a deep understanding of its mission, purpose and principles, as well as Bronzeville’s history and urban landscape.

**Nonprofit organizations representing artists younger than 18 years old may submit.


Thursday, April 6, 2023, Noon



The anticipated total budget amount for the ThriveOn artwork opportunities identified in this Call is $325,000. Final budget amounts for specific artwork will be determined during the contracting process with the selected artists/artist teams based on the proposed work. Artist contract amounts will be inclusive of all costs associated with the project including, but not limited to, artist/artist team’s fee, consultation fees such as structural engineering consultation, tools, materials, fabrication, transportation, any building or site modification required, a contingency to cover unexpected expenses, and any other costs.

Project Timeline


March 2023


RSVP for each session at links below.

In-person Session Saturday, March 18, 10 AM-Noon
Greenwood Park Gallery, 4233 W. Fond du Lac Avenue
RSVP at this link

Virtual session – Tuesday, March 21, 5:30-7 PM
Link to be provided upon RSVP.
RSVP at this link


Thursday, April 6, Noon

Please note that late or incomplete applications are not able to be considered.


Monday, May 1


Tuesday, May 23


Tuesday, June 20


July 2023


Late fall

Subject to change dependent on construction/building occupancy schedule.

Submission Requirements

In response to this Call for Art, applicants are asked to upload the following items to the ThriveOn dropbox.

  1. Digital images of previously completed works with a list of title, media, year completed, dimensions, location for each work. Minimum/maximum image and file size requirements are below.

    Images | Minimum: 6; Maximum: 10
    Video | Minimum: 0; Maximum: 3
    Total Samples | Minimum: 6; Maximum: 10

    Images must be .JPG, .PNG, or .TIFF files and no more than 1 MB.
    Videos, edited to no more than two (2) minutes in length, must be .MOV or .MP4 and no more than 60 MB.

    Label each file as Image Number_Applicant Name_Date of Submission.
    Ex: Image 1_M Smith_March 18 or Video 2_M Smith_March 18

  2. Summary (1 page maximum) of your experience as an artist as it pertains to this opportunity. If applying as a team, limit the summary to 2 pages per team.

    Label file as Summary_Applicant Name_Date of Submission.
    Ex: Summary_M Smith_March 18

  3. Statement of interest (1 page maximum) including:
  • Name, address, email address, and phone number
  • Your interest in this project and your connection to the Bronzeville community
  • Type of media for which you wish to be considered
  • Your previous experience creating temporary or permanent artwork for public spaces and how this experience is relevant to this project

Note: It is not required to have completed previous public art to submit to this ThriveOn Call for Art.

Label file as Statement of Interest_Applicant Name_Date of Submission.
Ex: Statement of Interest_M Smith_March 18

  1. Artwork Budget (1 page maximum) including, if applicable, artist/artist team’s fee, materials, fabrication, transportation/delivery to city of Milwaukee location.

    Label file as Budget_Applicant Name_Date of Submission.
    Ex: Budget _M Smith_March 18

  2. For TYPE A and TYPE B Submissions
    Artists interested in submitting for site-specific TYPE A and TYPE B art opportunities may include a simple black/white sketch or basic rendering of their idea and a brief written description (100 word maximum) of the proposed concept. Note: Fully developed renderings and maquettes are not necessary at this stage.

    If submitting, label file as Concept_Applicant Name_Date of Submission.
    Ex: Concept_M Smith_March 18

  3. For TYPE C Submissions
    Artists interested in TYPE C commissions in collaboration with the Senior Brand Designer are only required to submit 1-3 above.

Review and Selection Process

An Art Review committee, including community members, arts professionals, artists, and ThriveOn representatives, will review submissions and recommend artists/artist teams for TYPE A and TYPE B opportunities. The Art Review Committee will make recommendations for these opportunities to the ThriveOn team. Subsequently, finalists will be selected and asked to create site-specific proposals, for which they will be paid an honorarium. Finalists will then participate in an interview discussion with the ThriveOn team. Artists/artist teams will be selected for each opportunity location.

Selected artists/artist teams will work with the project team when finalizing their designs for installation.

Submissions for TYPE C collaborations will be reviewed separately by the Senior Brand Designer.


  • Artwork should demonstrate artistic ability, originality of vision, technical competency, knowledge of materials, and craftsmanship.
  • Art concepts should align with content themes sourced from the community.
  • Artwork should be appropriate for display in a public place.
  • Proposals should show sensitivity to the site, engage the public, create connection to the space and foster community, while reflecting the neighborhood’s history and culture.
  • Proposals will be reviewed with consideration to project timeline and budget parameters.



Applicants are advised to consider issues of short-term and long-term conservation and maintenance. Projects should be fabricated of durable, low-maintenance materials. Note that art in the window display cases may be subjected to direct sunlight.

If applicable, artists are encouraged to consult with a professional fabricator and/or conservator prior to the submission of a final proposal. Selected artist proposals will be reviewed to ensure conformity with ThriveOn’s standards of public safety, maintenance, durability, and compliance with ADA standards.



  • Artwork requiring attachment to walls must be mounted no lower than 3 feet from the floor.
  • Mounted artwork may only protrude from wall up to 4 inches.
  • Non-traditional artwork installations are subject to approval based on compliance with historic preservation guidelines.


For information about this Call for Art, contact: