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About the ThriveOn Collaboration: A Community Centered Investment

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Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF), the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and the Royal Capital Group (RCG) have established the historic, community-based ThriveOn Collaboration founded on a joint vision for a Milwaukee that is equitable, healthy and thriving for all.

This commitment is physically embodied in the restoration and redevelopment of an iconic building in the Historic King Drive district at the nexus of three vital north side neighborhoods – Halyard Park, Harambee and Brewers Hill. The former Gimbels-Schuster’s Department Store, 2153 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, most recently owned by CH Coakley, will be redeveloped by RCG and will become the Foundation’s new home and will house MCW’s community engagement programs. The partners will build on the vibrant history and current assets of the neighborhood, seize on the momentum growing throughout the city and join community members to realize a shared vision for positive change.

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MCW and GMF will be anchor tenants of the 350,000 square-foot project and are working in close partnership with the chosen developer and property owner Royal Capital Group to create a reimagined place that brings economic and social benefit to the community. Through visioning sessions, one-on-one interviews, community meetings and outreach events, residents are informing how significant space on the development’s first floor will be designed for community use and what additional partners may be engaged to provide expanded amenities to the neighborhood. The total development will also include mixed income residential units and additional office or retail space.

Through their overall collaboration, MCW, GMF and RCG will bring complementary expertise on a range of strategies to invest in the health, equity and economic well-being of people across Milwaukee, beginning with the neighborhoods adjacent to the new development. Guided by community priorities and data, the ThriveOn Collaboration will be a catalyst for additional investment and community impact. Together, the collaborators will support five priority areas:

Housing - ThriveOn aims to invest in the availability of safe, quality and affordable housing for area residents. The long-term goal is to increase the number of residents leasing and purchasing homes.

Early Childhood Education - ThriveOn aims to invest in the quality, access and sustainability of early childhood education in the city. The long-term goal is to improve education outcomes for youth.

Health & Wellness - ThriveOn aims to invest in access to health and wellness facilities, healthy food options and preventive health services in the area. The long-term goal is to reduce rates of chronic disease.

Social Cohesion - ThriveOn aims to support the community in building positive social and business relationships, celebrating diversity and promoting a sense of belonging among neighbors. The long-term goal is to increase resources for resident-led events and organizations.

Economic Opportunity - ThriveOn aims to support small businesses and enhance equitable economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and the local workforce. The long-term goal is to increase the stability of the small business community.

The collaboration is built on the fundamental understanding that where a person lives has a tremendous impact on how a person lives because of the implications for housing, education, jobs, health resources and social connections. Work on the project site began in 2019, and the partners anticipate occupying the building in early 2021.

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Take a tour through the space and learn about the vision for the Thrive On King location.

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